Consisting of the evocative ruins of Vijaya nagar, the City of Victory, Hampi comprises the sacred and royal centers with rocky ridges and granite boulders acting as natural defense. A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE located on the banks of Tungabhadra river, Hampi remains a favorite spot to the tourist seeking to learn the culture and architecture and who would like to explore the ruins of the ancient times. Visit the Virupaksha temple one of the ancient wonder dedicated to the Goddess Pampa and her consort Lord Shiva. Known for itís 50 meter high Gopuras this remains the principal place of worship in Hampi. Next would be the Krishnadeva temple, where Krishnadeva Raya erected in 1516 to celebrate his victory over Orissa but this temple is no longer a place of worship. Next would be the Vithala temple, one of the grandest of all religious monuments in the sacred centre. Its foundation remaining unknown. Was later enlarged in the 16th century by two great rulers Achuyuta Raya and Krishnadeva Raya. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vithala an incarnation of Lord Vishnu the Pre Ė server and the second god in Hindu trinity.

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Excellent, safe and skilled driver. Very helpful, good advice for shopping, food and safety. Excellent guides at all locations. They expanded our knowledge of all aspects of India.

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I think it is an excellent way to visit places that I have not visited before, because we change our plans and benefit from the driverís experience & advise.

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